A journey of over ten years in the world of jazz and improvised music, alongside many contemporary musicians. The pictures are taken before, during or after the concerts, during rehearsals and soundchecks, backstage, on stage or in the city. The confidence arisen from the relation over time allowed me to work with the artists with a very big freedom.


Privileged moments in the heart of music enriched by collaborations: the writer and journalist Francis Marmande enlightens us by his culture, his style and his sensitivity on what is pure happiness experienced to listen to, meet with and watch the musicians; the artist Pierre Bonnefille broadens the sensory perception of music by performing fifty original pictorial works on the theme of sound vibrations which will appear in the box set limited edition.


Jazz Alone Together brings together a selection of 240 images with 123 musicians and six long excerpts of free and spontaneous conversations in which the musicians Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, Daniel Humair, Joachim Kühn, Michel Portal and Louis Sclavis engage in an extremely open manner on their lives, their idea of ​​music and their perception of the world.



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